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"Nurture with the Wisdom of Nature"

The world's greatest healers are often created in the journey they take in healing their own afflictions. Be it a personal healing journey or to relieve the afflictions of loved ones, herbs were created for the service of man. Each blend, created in love with divine guidance, has a story in its origin. Our mission is to aid in the remembrance of your native instinct as it pertains to healing and getting back to our roots in its literal sense. It is our passion to help those in healing by providing high-quality organic herbs. No matter your journey our products were created to assist in your "becoming" Becoming healed, becoming whole, and becoming one's best self in honoring one's health.

His Ego

Herbal Blend made just for him, balancing hormones and impotency. 

Her Persuasion

 Balance the female hormones and restore the well within.

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Healing From Within, Removing of Old Self, Releasing All the Extra Baggage and Shedding Away that Which Doesn't Serve You.

What people are saying

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Jades Nativtea did not disappoint. The blend of herbs had a calming , smooth flavor. I could truly taste the quality of the ingredients used.

Rachel, NJ

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The scent of the blend alone was enough to make me feel relaxed.

Pat, WA

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I'm happy that I found top quality natural products as my health is my number one priority.

Eric, TX


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